About Us

ABC HelpDesk is a global customer experience and customer support outsourcing company, which has a huge client base in India, China, Mexico and the USA.Keeping in view the amount of challenges faced by businesses in connecting with their target customers, our company was founded to share best business practices with them through strategic, innovative and customer-focussed solutions.

  • We are credited with offeringhigh-quality, cost-effective and reliable customized employment approach, which has helped us strengthen business bonds with our clientele.
  • We understand the complex scenarios faced by our clients and therefore, we oversee the crucial requirements of their business. This enables them to concentrate on other key dimensions of their business while we take care of the customer support.
  • We comprehend their actual requirements and analyse the areas of concern. Thereafter, a customized plan is formulated to manage their operations.
  • Our USP is that employees start working for clients’ companies within 24 hours of their joining.

ABC HelpDesk Team

ABC HelpDesk Team comprises well-seasoned professionals who possess years of rich experience in the industry and remain conversant with latest market trends. They have a proven track record of channelizing effective placements of our employees in a range of companies throughout all the mentioned regions. Their expertise has led the introduction of methodologies to provide the required employment solutions to employees and employers.

Our team keeps experimenting novel techniques to enhance and perform better while grabbing all the emerging opportunities. We also remain vigilant to the changing business environment in order to adapt ourselves accordingly and keep improving customer experience by every possible means. Apparently, it’s a step towards boosting revenue generation of clients’ businesses.

We maintain a skilled and talented fleet of English, Spanish and Mandarin speaking employees and workers.