Employee Focus

Get Employees through ABC HelpDesk who are Dedicated to your Project!

We work with our employees and customers to find the perfectresource nationally and internationally. We offer over 10 combined years of recruiting and placement experience.

Our Approach is Minimalist!


ABC HelpDesk ensures that the right talent gets on-board.

  • ABC HelpDesk has implemented an all-inclusive screening process, which is transparent and offers a fast mechanism to screen the best talent for your organization.

  • Our application process is one of the most stringent ones in the industry. We have a range of assessments available, covering all skill sets, in addition to behavioral assessments, so as to enablesuitable placements.

  • Our process also includes face-to-face interviews with our recruiters, face-to-face behavioral interviewing, a minimum of two professional references, a safety evaluation and a detailed orientation, describing the company’s expectations.

  • Appropriate pre-employment screening such as criminal background checks and drug testing are administered before hiring a candidate for a position.

  • A well-planned training module is designed to conduct orientation sessions for new joiners wherein, along with the core work profile, they are also acquainted with the company’s brand and business imperatives.

  • When the employees shift from training to actual workstation, their work is monitored. The calls are recorded and tracked later for assessment. This is how we provide them with feedback and suggestions for improvement in specific areas of concern, if required.

  • Timely sessions are held to make them familiar with changes in the products and services of clients. They are also made aware of the new and emerging opportunities so that such advantages can be tapped for business growth.

  • Employees are motivated to keep their passion high at the workplace. This is the place where they spend most time of the day. So, employee engagement sessions are held to make them feel a part of the company and perform to the best of their capabilities.